About Us

Welcome to Let's HIER: an innovative establishment for the companies searching for the right leads. We are rooted in screening and placements for industries such as hospitality, manufacturing, retail, telecommunication, and many more. Our hiring experts are passionate about providing you with the pre-eminent employees that you are looking for.

At Let's HIER, we believe that client satisfaction is our foremost priority. That is why we focus on maintaining your Retention rate Higher and Costing rate Lower. With our additional platforms Skillskonnect and GazabJobs, we believe we are the most effective organization when it comes to business hiring needs in India.


Dhiraj Ahuja is is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and an experienced management professional, with an accomplished career spanning over 25 years in Banking & Insurance, Call Center and K-12/Vocational Training  industries. He managed Skill Development and Jobs related business for over 4 years besides this venture.

In his last role, he was the Senior Director for Digital Transformation at ISB.

Ashima Ahuja is a seasoned professional having over 18 years of experience with 10 years in the education industry. She also ran Orane Institute of Beauty and Wellness, for training people interested in entering the beauty and wellness space and there she learnt the ground level challenges and opportunities in a blue collar industry.