How We Work

Step 1: We receive the request

"Coordinating with you, understanding the parameters, and preparing the questionnaire".

Our job consultation process begins when we receive your request. Once we first learn your "exact" requirement, we go in-depth to learn more about the characteristics of job role, such as qualifications, experience, location, requirements, and other parameters of the job. Your preferences are also taken into account.

We then set up a specific questionnaire that evaluates the candidates' skills, and determines the applicant's passion for the position!

Step 2: We transfer your mandate to our extensive network and partners' ecosystem

"We use our Gazabjobs network to discover candidates, followed by a thorough profile review of the applications received."

Gazabjobs is a SAAS-based innovative platform for job seekers with a verified pool of over 1 million+ candidates. This platform gathers information on job postings, applications, hiring, and employee turnover using the latest technology and artificial intelligence.

In the second phase, we revolutionize the candidate search process and make it more accessible by democratizing it across thousands of locations in India.

Here, we begin with an initial profile review of the applications we receive through our sophisticated network and ecosystem of channel partners. We then review and score the applications.

Step 3: Candidate Screening

"Screening out the unsuitable profiles, in-depth interviews with the remaining applicants, and double-checking the shortlisted applicants."

Our third phase involves screening potential candidates to ensure they are qualified for the job. We first cross off applicants who do not meet the requirements, then interview those who do meet the requirements and finally select shortlisted candidates.

We are not done here! The shortlisted applicants will be further evaluated. Double-checking the shortlisted profiles is our final step to select the best candidates.

Step 4: We notify you of the most suitable profile

"We strive to send you the best possible qualified candidates..."

When we find the perfect candidate who is genuinely aspiring to work for your company, we forward him or her to you. This way you can increase your employee retention without having to spend a lot of money.

Step 5: Feedback analysis to determine if we accomplished your goal

"Was the outcome of our efforts satisfactory to you? To find out, we rely on your feedback.

In the last step, we evaluate the performance based on the feedback we received. This evaluation is based on the following parameters:

  • The number of candidates hired in your company.
  • The rejection rate and the reason for the candidate's rejection.
  • Would you like to work with us again?
  • And last but not least, "How highly would you rate us?"

We would like to know from you if you think we met your expectations and if it was easy to use our service. Finally, we would like to know how much you value our service.